Making a Release

This page contains a few notes about making a release of Pepperminty Wiki. These notes are intended to remind me of things I need to do, but you may find them useful.

The following things need to be done to prepare for a release:

Tweet text template

The following template text can be used for tweeting about Pepperminty Wiki releases:

Pepperminty Wiki VERSION_NUMBER_HERE has been released!


#wiki #updates #wikisoftware

Release text template

The following template text can be used for releases:


Note that this is a maintenance release that backports some urgent bugfixes to LATEST_STABLE_VERSION. Current development efforts are focused on NEXT_VERSION. The work-in-progress changelog for NEXT_VERSION can be found [here](

Have you updated to this release? [Click this link to say hi](!

This release also has an experimental GPG and SHA256 hashes file attached. My GPG key is `C2F7843F9ADF9FEE264ACB9CC1C6C0BB001E1725` - please [open an issue]( if you encounter any issues :slightly_smiling_face:

## Updating
You can update to this release simply by grabbing an updated copy of `index.php` and replacing the version in your current wiki (don't forget to take backups! I make every effort to squash as many bugs as possible, but you can never be too certain). You can get an updated copy of `index.php` in a number of ways:

 - By downloading the `index.php` file attached to this release
 - Using the [online downloader]( (always has the latest stable version)
 - Using the online downloader offline
 - Building your own from source

For more information on the last 2 methods, please see [the documentation]( for more information.

For those who want to contribute financially as a thank you, I've recently [setup a Liberapay]( to accept donations. It's certainly not required, but would definitely help me out :-) If you want to contribute but Liberapay isn't for you, please let me know (e.g. open an issue, see [my website for more contact options](