Inter-wiki Links

Pepperminty Wiki, as of v0.18, supports inter-wiki links. Such a link sends the user to another wiki elsewhere on the internet. This is configured via the interwiki_index_location setting, which should point to a CSV file (either as a file path or an absolute URL) that specifies the wikis that can be linked to. Here are some example inter-wiki links:

 - [[another_wiki:Apples]]
 - [[trees:Apple Trees]]
 - In the [[history:The Great Rainforest|rainforest]], lots of trees can be found.
 - .... Text text text [[any prefix here:page name|Display text]] text text text ....

Note that the automatic page name correction doesn't work with inter-wiki links, so you'll need to get the casing exactly right (try using the vertical-bar | display text feature if you want to the display text to use a different casing to the actual page name.

The CSV file format is best explained with an example:

Name,Prefix,Root URL
Another Wiki,another_wiki,
Tree Field Guide,trees,
History Wiki,history,
Wiki Display Name,internal link prefix,url with %s in place of page name
Apt Link,apt,apt://%s

The top line is a header and is discarded by Pepperminty Wiki (so you can put anything you like here).

The url can be any URI supported by the user's browser. The string %s will be replaced with the (url encoded) page name. To this end, you can use this feature for any external service you like - it doesn't have to be a Pepperminty Wiki installation (or even a wiki at all)!