Pepperminty Wiki has actually acquired a rather extensive feature set.


Some users have imported existing wikis from other software. This is made possible because Pepperminty Wiki will automatically rebuild the page index from the existing files in a directory if the page index (pageindex.json) doesn't exist or is deleted.

Notes about the import process are detailed below.

If you encounter any issues importing data from another wiki, please open an issue. I'd love to know about it - it may be possible to automate any conversion steps to ease the import process.

Features FAQ

A few features that users request that aren't obvious on how to use or enable are documented here.

How do I add a "create new page" button?

Since version v0.23, Pepperminty Wiki has API support for creating a new page without knowing it's name - see issue #194. While a create new page button isn'tin the user interface by default, one may be added as a navigation link to either the nav_links, nav_links_extra, or nav_links_bottom configuration directives in peppermint.json (these must be edited directly - GUI support for these properties hasn't been implemented yet). An example navigation link to send a user to create a new page might look like this:


See the nav_links documentation for more information on the wider navigation link syntax.

What's this about manual setup for the sitemap?

If the page-sitemap module is enabled, Pepperminty Wiki will have support for generating an XML sitemap. However, since a sitemap is typically located at the root of your domain with the filename sitemap.xml, crawlers must be instructed as to where they can find the sitemap for your wiki. This can be done by editing (creating if it doesn't exist) a file called robots.txt at the top-level root of your domain name, and appending something like the following:

Sitemap: http://wiki.example.com/path/to/index.php?action=sitemap

This will properly instruct crawlers on where to find the sitemap.

If you know of a way to do this via a <meta /> tag or HTTP header instead, please open an issue so that this extra manual step can be removed.