Easy Node.JS Dependencies Updates

Once you've had a project around for a while, it's inevitable that dependency updates will become available. Unfortunately, npm (the Node Package Manager), while excellent at everything else, is completely terrible at notifying you about updates.

The solution to this is, of course, to use an external tool. Personally, I use npm-check, which is also installable via npm. It shows you a list of updates to your project's dependencies, like so:

(Can't see the above? View it directly on

It even supports the packages that you've install globally too, which no other tool appears to do as far as I can tell (although it does appear to miss some packages, such as npm and itself). To install it, simply do this:

sudo npm install --global npm-check

Once done, you can then use it like this:

# List updates, but don't install them
# Interactively choose the updates to install
npm-check -u
# Interactively check the globally-installed packages
sudo npm-check -gu

The tool also checks to see which of the dependencies are actually used, and prompts you to check the dependencies it think you're not using (it doesn't always get it right, so check carefully yourself before removing!). There's an argument to disable this behaviour:

npm-check --skip-unused

Speaking of npm package dependencies, the other big issue is security vulnerabilities. GitHub have recently started giving maintainers of projects notifications about security vulnerabilities in their dependencies, which I think is a brilliant idea.

Actually fixing said vulnerabilities is a whole other issue though. If you don't want to update all the dependencies of a project to the latest version (perhaps you're just doing a one-off contribution to a project or aren't very familiar with the codebase yet), there's another tool - this time built-in to npm - to help out - the npm audit subcommand.

# Check for reported security issues in your dependencies
npm audit
# Attempt to fix said issues by updating packages *just* enough
npm audit fix

(Can't see the above? View it directly on

This helps out a ton with contributing to other projects. Issues arise when the vulnerabilities are not in packages you directly depend on, but instead in packages that you indirectly depend on via dependencies of the packages you've installed.

Thankfully the vulnerabilities in the above can all be traced back to development dependencies (and aren't essential for Peppermint Wiki itself), but it's rather troubling that I can't install updated packages because the packages I depend on haven't updated their dependencies.

I guess I'll be sending some pull requests to update some dependencies! To help me in this, the output of npm audit even displays the dependency graph of why a package is installed. If this isn't enough though, there's always the npm-why which, given a package name, will figure out why it's installed.

Found this interesting? Got a better solution? Comment below!

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