Coding Conundrums Evolved 5: Space Transmissions

A pretty procedurally generaated nebula. Code not written by me! (Banner from here with the seed 64oekm9bi4cg.)

This post is part of a biweekly series of programming problems, targeted at those learning to program using C# at University. The problems will vary in difficulty - some will be rather easy, and some will be quite challenging! Don't worry if you can't solve a problem just yet - come back to it in a few months and it'll seem a lot easier than it did before.

Coding Conundrums Evolved is back for another episode! I can't promise that these will be a regular feature on here due to the amount of time they take to put together, but I had a good idea for another one that I really couldn't turn down :D

The 2 new elligon-class starships, called the Lilai and the Inveinya, are on a joint mission deep in the newly-discovered Tenobulet Nebula. Due to the thickness of the gas clouds surrounding the 2 ships, they are having difficulty communicating, as talking over a video-link is causing the quantum neural-network based interference analysis system is draining all their available power clearing up the incoming data streams.

To combat this, the genius communications officer Mr. Ümafa has devised the Dassma System. The system allows the 2 ships to communicate by sending text-based messages, reducing power usage by sending a quantum coaxial error correction stream in parallel to the actual message stream.

Anyway, Mr. Ümafa needs your help as the newly-hired systems programming engineer, since all the other programmers onboard are busy scratching their heads over a new asymmetric inverse shift register algorithm whilst writing a firmware upgrade for the quadrilateral energy transmission stabilisers to increase their efficiency.

Unfortunately, his dassma system can only transmit messages in short chunks of 128 characters, and he's finding it terribly cumbersome to keep splitting up the long messages that the crew keep asking him to send.

Given a long string as input, write a program that splits the input into multiple chunks that are at most 128 characters long, and outputs each chunk on a separate line.

Helpful Hints


Mr. Ümafa is impressed with your program, but he's got an additional request or two. Unfortunately, Communications Officer Bramaar of the Iveinya keeps mixing up the different message parts, and he finds it annoying when it splits a message in the middle of a word.

Mr. Ümafa would like you to upgrade your program so that it only splits on spaces, and so that it labels each of the chunks with their number in the sequence.

The solution archive is here. I'll release the password to this challenge in the comments in 2 weeks time.

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