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Using this wordsearch maker is easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a mask image as a transparent PNG
  2. Drag and drop the mask image into the box above
  3. Come up with a list of words you want to use
  4. Paste your list of words into the box above
  5. See the generated wordsearch, and use the links in the bottom of the settings box to download!


What is a mask image?

A mask image tells Wordsearch Plus where to place letters. It is a transparent PNG, where each pixel represents a square in the resulting wordsearch. If that pixel is transparent, then no letter will be placed there. If it is not transparent, then a letter will be placed there.

In this fashion, simply by creating an image you can tell it what shaped wordsearch to create!

Caution: It is recommended that mask images do not exceed 50x50 pixels in size unless you know what you're doing.

While any old image editor such as GIMP (free) or Photoshop (paid; extremely expensive; not recommended) will do to create a mask image (Microsoft Paint does not support transparency so is unsuitable), a pixel art editor is often easier to use. Examples:

Here are a few example mask images:

Test mask image 1: boxes Test mask image 2: spiral Test mask image 3: more boxes

How do I print the question and answer sheets?

When you click on the Question Sheet / Answer Sheet buttons, it will open them in a new tab. If you hit CTRL + P, you can print the web page direct from your browser.

Wordsearch Plus applies special styling to make sure it looks good when you print it from your browser.

The Question Sheet / Answer Sheet buttons don't work

Your browser is probably blocking popups. Check for a bar at the top of the page that asks you whether you want to see popups or not.

Wordsearch Plus freezes my browser

Large wordlists and wordsearches can sometimes take a while to generate. If you're generating a big one, try putting your wordlist together in Notepad first before then copying and pasting it into the box.

Simply close the tab and reopen it with CTRL + SHIFT + T, and this should unfreeze it.