This page contains all of the code related projects I have that don't fit into the labs.

A program that detects and decodes morse code embedded inside an audio file.
Audio Morse Decoder
  • C Sharp
  • Audio
The one and only C♯ class generator. Tired of typing the same old scaffolding out all the time? Give this tool a try.
  • C Sharp
  • Tool
A class modelled on StreamWriter that makes it easy to generate CSV files.
  • C Sharp
  • Library
A web based tool that generates diagrams based on Prolog traces.
Prolog Visualisation Tool
  • Javascript
  • Prolog
  • Visualisation
A command line tool to generate random noise, written in C#
  • C Sharp
A (hopefully) better traceroute utility written in C#
  • C Sharp
An easier way to generate XML.
Simple XML Writer
  • PHP
  • XML
A PHP based Atom feed generator.
PHP Atom Generator
  • PHP
  • Atom
  • XML
A simple CodeMirror based javascript bookmarklet editor.
Bookmarklet Playground
  • Javascript
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