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history_add_revision()  : mixed
Adds a history revision against a page.



Adds a history revision against a page.

history_add_revision(object &$pageinfo, string &$newsource, string &$oldsource[, bool $save_pageindex = true ][, string $change_type = "edit" ]) : mixed

Note: Does not update the current page content! This function only records a new revision against a page name. Thus it is possible to have a disparity between the history revisions and the actual content displayed in the current revision if you're not careful!

$pageinfo : object

The pageindex object of the page to operate on.

$newsource : string

The page content to save as the new revision.

$oldsource : string

The old page content that is the current revision (before the update).

$save_pageindex : bool = true

Whether the page index should be saved to disk.

$change_type : string = "edit"

The type of change to record this as in the history revision log

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