I am a computer science student researcher who is doing a PhD at the University of Hull. My project title is Using Big Data and AI to dynamically predict flood risk.

I started out teaching myself about various web technologies, and then I managed to get a place at University, where I am now. I've previously done a degree (BSc Computer Science) and a Masters (MSc Computer Science with Security and Distributed Computing) at the University of Hull. I've done a year in industry too, which I found to be particuarly helpful in learning about the workplace and the world.

I currently know C# + Monogame / XNA (+ WPF), HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (ES7 + Node.js), PHP, C / C++ (mainly for Arduino), some Rust, and Python. Oh yeah, and I can use XSLT too.

I love to experiment and learn about new things on a regular basis. You can find some of the things that I've done in the labs and code sections of this website, or on GitHub (both in my personal time and for my PhD). My current big personal projects are Pepperminty Wiki, an entire wiki engine in a single file (the source code is spread across multiple files - don't worry!), and WorldEditAdditions. Nibriboard (a multi-user real-time infinite whiteboard), although the latter is in its very early stages. -->

I can also be found in a number of other different places around the web. I've compiled a list of the places that I can remember below.

I can be contacted at the email address webmaster at starbeamrainbowlabs dot com. Suggestions, bug reports and constructive criticism are always welcome.

For those looking for my GPG key, you can find it here. My key id is C2F7843F9ADF9FEE264ACB9CC1C6C0BB001E1725, and is uploaded to the public keyserver network, so you can download it with GPG like so: gpg --keyserver hkps:// --recv-keys C2F7843F9ADF9FEE264ACB9CC1C6C0BB001E1725


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Website Update: Tools section

A while ago I noticed that the tools section of my website was horribly outdated, so recently I decided to do something about it. It was still largely displaying tools from when I still used Windows as my primary operating system, which was a long time ago now!

The new revision changes it to display icons only instead of icons and screenshots, as screenshots aren't always helpful for some of the tools I now use - and it also makes it easier to keep the section updated in the future.

A screenshot of part of the new tools section of my website.

I also switched to use a tab separated values file (TSV file) instead of a JSON file for the backend data file that the tools list is generated from, as a TSV file is much more convenient to hand edit than a JSON file (JSON is awesome for lots of things and I use it all the time - it's just not as useful here). If you're interested, you can view the source TSV file here: tools.tsv

I'm still filling out the list (each item in the list also necessitates an update to my personal logo collection), but it's already a huge improvement from the old tools list. Things like GitHub's Atom IDE, Ubuntu, Mozilla Firefox, and KeePass2 are currently my daily drivers - so it's great to have them listed there.

Check out the new tools section here:

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I find useful tools on the internet occasionally. I will list them here.

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