You seem to have found my private logo collection. This is where I keep a copy of the logos of various projects, languages, companies, and things that I talk about on my website. Their representative companies / projects / whatever obviously don't provide their endorsement to any content on my website, but I find that showing their logos makes the concepts I'm explaining easier to understand, and makes sure that both author and reader are on the same page thinking about the same thing.

If you're the owner of any one of the logos featured here (and can cryptographically verify as such) and want it taken down, please email me at abuse {at} starbeamrainbowabs {dot} com with a good reason, and I'll try to work something out.

If you're anyone else, help yourself to the logos I have stored here - under the agreement that if you use it in any capacity you might get angry legal letters from the logo's owner telling you that you've misrepresented their logo - I've altered some of them, as some of them were particularly awkward to get hold of a high-resolution plain png / svg.

Note that image-rendering: crisp-edges is used here to avoid smaller logos from looking blurry.