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Huge Purple Flowers

Recently someone mentioned that they knew someone else who had just brought a duvet cover that has "Huge purple flowers" on it. This gave me a most interesting mental picture - and I recreated in Inkscape (which has just been updated!) for you to see - the result is shown above. Note that those plants would be at least 3 times your size.

Anyway, I also learned that you can mix SVG with CSS (and Javascript, but I haven't got to playing with that yet). as a test, I created a quick square in Inkscape and then opened the resulting file up in my favourite text editor and plugged in some CSS animations. This is what I came up with:

A simple loading animation

The square above is actually black and set to have a low opacity, to it sets on the colour anything that is behind it. It is also done in percentages, so you can set the width and height of the containing <img /> tag and it should scale accordingly.

I might do some more of this in the future - it looks to me like a wonderful way to create a nice little self contained widget that you can use anywhere.

An (Almost) Pure CSS Spotlight

I made a spotlight demonstration using (almost) pure CSS!

A little bit of javascript is used to make the spotlight follow the mouse. You can also click through the layer in from of everything that makes the spotlight work because of the pointer-events: none; CSS styling rule.

It can be found below.

The (editable!) source code can be found here. A full screen version of the demo above can be found here.

Art by Mythdael